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Argentina is one of the largest countries in the world, with an amazing variety of landscapes and a very rich biodiversity, that goes from Amazon jungle, to canyons, snowed pick mountains, endless wetlands and plains, glaciers, and beaches. The passion of tango and the smell of sizzling steaks go hand in hand with mighty glaciers, ice-blue lakes, and thundering waterfalls. In Argentina you will experience both stunning natural wonders and Latin American hospitality.


Buenos Aires


GMT -3





International Airports

Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Ushuaia


The climate in Argentina is very varied. Buenos Aires and the Pampas have a temperate climate which means it' can be pretty cold in winter, but hot and humid in summer. In the deserts of Cuyo it can be extremely hot and dry in summer and temperatures can reach to a staggering 50 degrees Celsius (122° Fahrenheit). During winter it is moderately cold and dry. The Andes and Patagonia are cool in summer and very cold in winter, varying according to altitude.


Top Highlights

About Vietnam

Vietnam, has finally won its last battle, to capture the imagination of the travelling public. Elegant Hanoi now vies with its dynamic sister, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) for the attention of visitors drawn by the eclectic mix of old and new. More modern than other Vietnamese cities, Ho Chi Minh City has also retained its French colonial influences. Its vibrancy is maintained by the ever-entrepreneurial Saigonese and the streets are jam-packed with mopeds and scooters, often carrying whole families. The markets are chaotically busy.

Food and Wine

The Portuguese love their food and even more so, their wine! From north to south the variety is huge, the north prefers their strong meats and stews accompanied by full bodied red wines from some of the 250 native grape varieties, or a salted cod baked in the oven paired with a reserve white. The coast offers such an array of fresh fish and shellfish, grilled on charcoal accompanied by a cool Vinho Verde. The south is the land of garlic, olive oil, and acorn fed black pigs. The Algarve goes Mediterranean with its oranges, figs, almonds that taste so good in the local traditional sweets.


Portugal is surprisingly varied in nature, considering how small the country is. From the craters of the old volcanoes in the Azores, turned into beautiful colourful lagoons, to the ravishing tropical vegetation and breath- taking cliffs of Madeira island, the vineyards of the Douro Valley, or the endless plaines of Alentejo just after the highest mountain in the country with its pure springs of water, until we get to the caves of the Algarve, in between the long white sand beaches and sand islands where the birds build their nests when fleeing from the cold weather of norther Europe.

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Argentinas Top Destinations

Buenos Aires

The vibrant city awaits for all visitors to fall in love with it. As second biggest city in South America one can find here an unique European style and a wide variety of options to do an see. Don’t miss La Boca, the most colourful neighbourhood of the city.

Salta City

Located in the Northwest of Argentina, this city is nicknamed as Salta La Linda (or ‘”Salta the Pretty”) for a reason. The cityscape in this beautiful colonial town is shaped by cobblestone streets, numerous statues, and Spanish architecture. But also the region itself, with colorful mountain ranges of the Andean highlands in the West and the fertile plains in the East, is defintely worth seeing.


and the Route of the Seven Lakes. This small mountain village has become famous as the entrance gate to Argentine Patagonia. Also, it is an El dorado for skiing and snowboarding. The scenic Route of the Seven Lakes (which takes around an hour) winding its way through green valleys and around the namesake azure lakes, facing natural parks, snow-capped mountains and abundant waterfalls along the way.

Buenos Aires Province

Learn more about the rural life along the Paraná delta where locals live in houses on stilts and buy their groceries on supermarket boat. Or take a break at one of the famous Estancias and get to know the Gaucho life.


The wine capital of Argentina and one of the most beautiful cities. Art-lovers can find Art Deco architecture here, for outdoor enthusiasts the city is popular in winter as it is in summer. That is among others because of the 6.960-meter-tall Aconcagua mountain – a paradise for hikers and climbers.


The end of the world. It is the worlds southernmost city and offers an incomparable location, surrounded by mountains, glaciers, sea, and the woods on the edge of the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Worth seeing is also the “End of the World Lighthouse”, San Juan de Salvamento Lighthouse, which was built in 1884 already.


The country’s second biggest city houses numerous buildings which date back to the early colonial period of the 16th century. Go see the majestic Plaza San Martin, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the beautiful Cathedral of Córdoba with its splendid mix of Baroque and Neoclassical styles.

Iguazú Waterfalls

The stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site lies along Argentina’s border with Brazil and is undoubtably a must see when visiting the country. Depending on the season, the Iguazu is made up of between 150 to 300 individual waterfalls.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Patagonia, which makes up almost half of the country, is also home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Los Glaciares National Park. Here you can find one of the most stunning attractions of Argentina, the massive 30-kilometer-long ice formation called Perito Moreno Glacier .

Puerto Madryn

and the Valdés Peninsula. The Golfo Nuevo bay is an almost natural amphitheatre, with hills all around that are reminiscent of deserts. Guided tours through the reserve are a must, where one can see everything from right wales, elephant seals, sea lions, and orcas. It’s also an important breeding ground for migratory shorebirds, in particular Magellanic penguins.

El Chalten

The heart of Patagonia and the national capital of trekking. Even going there is an experience itself as countless mountains and glaciers can already be seen from afar. In this breath-taking natural scenery one has multiple options for walking, climbing, or going on adventurous expeditions.

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