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Mexico is a country offering natural views, cosmopolitan cities, colonial places, and archaeological zones. Every corner of its vast territory offers unique experiences, the recipe for a typical dish, a new landscape, or the route that leads to remote settlements and ancient civilizations. Mexican beaches are unique, and the country’s history offers visitors a wealth of options. Its gastronomy and cultural diversity invite travellers to experience its history and indulge in its cuisine.

“Mexico is a postcard country, a series of interpolated pictures of natural views, cosmopolitan cities, colonial places and archaeological zones. Every corner of its vast territory offers unique experiences that the traveller treasures on every crossing, and even when he might suppose that he already knows everything the country has to offer, he will always find some novelty in his itinerary, the recipe for a typical dish, a new landscape, or the route that leads to remote settlements.”

Traveling through Mexico is full of surprises, although there is a constant, which is its people’s passion for service: Mestizo faces and ready smiles that welcome the traveller as an old friend, as eager to share their traditions as to show off the unequalled attractions of their home, their Mexico. And at that moment the magic will have taken hold. The traveller will have been inebriated by a kind of spell that will inevitably make him redirect the compass and plan the next trip, once again – and why not– in Mexican lands.

It is impossible to make a generalization of Mexican beaches or point out characteristics common to all of them. Each is different and has different attractions that make it unique. For each beach, there is a traveller who at that destination finds everything they need to enjoy their vacations to the maximum. Some prefer the energy of the Pacific Ocean, others the calm of the Caribbean and others the deep and infinite blue of the Sea of Cortés.

Mexico’s history offers visitors a wealth of options that are hard to find elsewhere: from archaeological sites and colonial towns to cosmopolitan cities that are as dazzling as the world’s largest metropolis. But Mexico is much more than that: its gastronomy and cultural diversity invite travellers to experience its history, indulge in its cuisine and make their visit an extraordinary experience. Mexico cannot be conceived without the greatness of its pre-Hispanic cultures, which have shaped its history, culture and traditions. Every part of the country is proof of the profound influence of these ancient civilizations that once inhabited the territory. Each one gives a particular flavour to the region where they settled.

Top Destinations

Isla Mujeres – An island where the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea meet, just 13 kilometres off the coast of Cancún. Isla Mujeres is known for dreamlike white sand beaches and calm crystal clear turquoise waters. Life here mainly takes place in the north at Playa Norte (Playa los Cocos) and in Downtown, the largest island town. Also, one can swim with whale sharks at this island paradise.

Taxco City – Nestled between mountains, the city will amaze you with its landscapes of white houses and red roofs and the cobbled streets that you can walk in the company of your friends or family. There is plenty sites with great stories in Taxco, all of them will transport you back to the historical past of its temples and squares. This town was declared a National Heritage Site for its historical monuments.

Oaxaca – Oaxaca de Juárez is one of the most important destinations in Mexico, owing to its cultural, artistic, and culinary legacies. A walk through its historical centre – designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site and called the Verde Antequera on account of the majestic green quarry structures – is all that’s necessary in order to understand its popularity.

Mexico City– If there is something that amazes locals and travellers, it’s the Historical Center of Mexico City. With the Palacio Nacional or the Metropolitan Cathedral and in the background, the vestiges of the Aztec Empire (Templo Mayor Museum). Also, it is one of the metropolises with the largest number of museums in the world. Here is where the traditional cuisine of all of Mexico converges; yet it is also the site of cutting-edge options.

Palenque – One of the most beautiful of all Mayan cities lies amid dense jungle at Palenque, whose principal constructions date from the Classic period. The site is famed for its ball court and aqueduct, but above all for its temples and palaces that are still in quite good condition. The Templo de las Inscriptions is considered the archaeological zone’s most important structure and is also the largest…
Cancún – The darling of beach tourism in Mexico, par excellence. Its blue water that changes in tone as it gets deeper, its incomparable soft white sand and its nightlife and shopping have made Cancún an international reference for anyone looking for a few days of sun and sea. Cancún also boasts the best culinary selection in Mexico, with three five-AAA diamond restaurants.
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