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If you are dreaming about your next trip to Europe, dare to discover Portugal, located at Europe’s most westerly edge. With a fascinating Mediterranean gastronomy and an appealing climate with an average of 200 days sunny days a year, Portugal offers a wide variety of activities and experiences.

With 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Portuguese culture and history offers opportunities to explore the roman heritage, the medieval castles, or the romantic palaces, blending seamlessly with the contemporary culture and way of living. From the world´s ancient University of Coimbra to the alluring natural landscapes of the Douro Valley, there is the chance to experience the rich cultural heritage, the hidden natural treasures or the splendid beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, within a blink of an eye.

This small corner located at the edge of Europe also benefits from a variety of traditions and customs which change from region to region and enrich its civilization and its visitors.


When exploring Portugal from top to bottom (and into the ocean), you will be surprised by the modern and simultaneously authentic city of Porto, one of the oldest cities in Europe, by the various cultural influences and modern trends and lifestyles of Lisbon, by the stunning beaches of the Algarve and, when traveling to the Portuguese islands, discover Madeira Island – The Pearl of the Ocean, and the best sustainable destination in Europe – the Azores Islands. Allow yourself to be amazed and visit Portugal!”

Top Destinations

Lisbon – Where the old meets the new, it has an incredibly rich heritage whilst being one of the trendiest capitals in Europe. Lisbon is a very walkable city and offer spectacular hilltop views in Alfama or at St. George’s Castle. One shouldn’t miss a ride in the famous Tram 28, that passes some of the cities must-sees, or a long walk along the waterfront neighbourhood of Belém.

Sintra – From magical forests to romantic palaces, Sintra never fails to seduce. Declared as an UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995, the sights in Sintra seem endless. The Palácio Nacional da Pena is definitely one of the city’s highlights and considered a true representative of romanticism in Portugal. The city is perfect for a day trip from Lisbon and offers an unforgettable mix of historic buildings and beautiful natural scenery.

Obidos – Discover this delightful town of white houses adorned with bougainvillea and honeysuckle, surrounded by its castle medieval walls. Considered as one of the most characterful places of central Portugal it is a symbol of a traditional Portuguese city. The surrounding region is equally fascinating, not far away from Lisbon and ideal for a day trip.

Alentejo – While to the north the pace is set by the green of the flatlands as far as the eye can see, further south the landscape combines with the sun, the heat, and a slower pace of life. The Alentejo, the idyllic heartland of Portugal, impresses with variety: deserted surf beaches and charming fishing villages on the western coastline and picturesque walled towns and forts on the boarder to Spain. An ideal place for those that wish to escape the tourist crowds and dive into the authentic Portugal.

Porto – Be it the millennium-old cathedral or the latest molecular gastropub, the city of Porto is really a living heritage, one that reinvents itself while maintaining its core character. A vibrant and fascinating city, world-famous for the production of Port wine, matured in vast cellars that stretch along the banks of Douro River. But Porto is more than that: rich culture, a buzzing nightlife, captivating tourist attractions and many more is waiting to be discovered.

Douro Valley – A dream made of enchanted valleys, unscathed nature, and world heritage sites; in its steep vineyards is where Port Wine is produced. The Douro Valley in northern Portugal is the oldest wine-growing region in the world and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cultivation of wine here dates back to the Roman’s. With all these centuries-old vineyards running along the Douro River, the area is a must-visit for gourmets and vine-lovers and shouldn’t be missed during a stay in Portugal.

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