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Destination Overview


Lakes surrounded by blossoming flowers, stunning mountain summits and hidden waterfalls. This is what Austria is all about. Take a deep breath on an alpine pasture. Go hiking, biking or boating, stroll through a forest and enjoy its relaxing scent, or a laid-back Austrian town, or take part in a flower-filled traditional festival. Experience Austria with all your senses and find out first-hand what makes the country so unique and authentic.




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8.9 Million

International Airports

Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz, Linz


The climate of Austria can be classified as Cfb Climate; a warm temperated humid climate with the warmest month lower than 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) over average and four or more months above 50 (10 degrees Celsius) over average.

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Top Highlights


Known for warm hospitality, a love of apres-ski, and a passion for smooth pistes and deep powder, no one does skiing better than the Austrians. You will find pristine pistes, world-class ski schools, and optimal snow conditions throughout the country. There’s a huge variety of skiing options for all levels on snow-sure pistes, unrivalled après-ski, hospitality, and off-the-slope activities.


Mozart was inspired by Salzburg’s romantic old town. For Gustav Klimt, the magical light around the Attersee was a source of inspiration. Freud was hiking in the Alps to clear his head for his ground-breaking discoveries. For centuries, creative minds have been inspired by Austria’s natural beauty and its rich cultural heritage. Travel to the places that inspired these masters.


Experience wellbeing and relaxation in the natural surroundings of Austria. Spending time in nature allows us to find levity and new perspectives effortlessly. Forests, meadows, lakes, and rolling hills have a magical effect on our souls and in Austria you will find these in abundance. How amazing that Austria offers so many things that help to restore our mental balance.

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Top Places to Visit


Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is dominated by churches, castles, and palaces. Its picturesque old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Innsbruck is the place to go if you want to combine your city trip with experiencing unspoilt Alpine nature.


Austria’s capital Vienna offers a blend of imperial traditions, music, and endearing charm. A city that inspires with the old and the new alike, and always has a cosy place available in a coffee house or wine tavern.


The city of Linz is home to a vibrant music and arts scene, seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary arts.


The capital of Styria and Austria's second largest city. Here, culture, culinary delights and trendy design take centre stage on both sides of the River Mur. A relaxed city with a Mediterranean vibe, and a cultural hot spot.

St. Pölten

The youngest of Austria's regional capitals, combines Baroque and modern architecture like no other Austrian city.

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