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Destination Overview


Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, full of picturesque forests, mountains, and lakes that make it a fantastic place for camping, hiking, and admiring. Canada’s snowy climate and mountainous geography has produced no shortage of must-visit parks and resorts. Canada is also home to several large, modern cities that anyone with a taste for urban life will be able to appreciate.




GMT -5


Canadian dollar


English, French




38 Million

International Airports

Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax, Edmonton, Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver


The biggest part of Canada has a continental climate, although average winter and summer high temperatures across Canada vary according to the location. Winters can be harsh in many regions of the country, particularly in the interior and Prairie provinces, which experience a continental climate.


Top Highlights

National Parks

There are an incredible 46 National Parks and National Park Reserves in Canada’s 13 provinces and territories, and each has its own story to tell. From the red sand beaches of Prince Edward Island to the Arctic Circle, there’s a park for every outdoor enthusiast to enjoy, no matter where you are in Canada.


Less than a two-hour drive from Toronto sits Canada’s most renowned natural wonder: Niagara Falls. The sound of the water as you approach it, the mist you feel on your face as you look up 50 metres at a torrent of blue and white, and the sheer power of the falls… If you’re looking to experience a Canadian natural wonder, this is the one.

The Northern Lights

The Northwest Territories of Canada provide some of, if not the best aurora borealis viewing in the world. To see the bright reds, blues, greens, and yellows dance across the night sky, all you need to do is look through your hotel window in the city of Yellowknife—known as the “Aurora Capital of North America.”

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Top Places to Visit


Where the skyline of glass towers reflects the beauty of the surrounding ocean and mountains. Where you can swim at the beach and explore a mountain in the same day. Vancouver is definitely spectacular by nature.


The heartbeat of Canadian urgan life. Dine at a one of a kind restanrant in Queen Street West, shop at the posh Yorkville district, catch an MBL, NBA or NHL game. Tronto has everything you need.


Hike the Rockies, roam the prairie grasslands, discover dinosaurs at the world famous Canadian bandlands, or take in the spirited city life of Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta is renowned for their hospitality.


The northernmost inhabited place in the world, Nunavut is the True North. Experience the lnuit way of life with arts and crafts, hunting and fishing and dog sledding with rare Canadian lnuit dogs.


National sites, famouse landmarks like the Rideau Canal, and museums housing stunning national collections. Ottawa is also a vibrant, walkable, cosmopolitan with and incredible food scene created by local culinary schools and top chefs.

Prince Edward island

The home of Anne of Green Gables, incredible red sand beaches, green pastoral landscapes and a charming island way of life. Tee off at one of 25 stunning golf courses in the morning, then kayak the warm ocean water in the afternoon before enjoying fabulous seafood cuisine in the evening.

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