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Whales and Dolphins

Nicknamed the blue planet for a reason, the earth is over 70% covered in water – home to vast amounts of creatures, each more remarkable than the last. But in addition to huge schools of fish, colorful coral reefs and strange deep-sea creatures, you can observe a species on our adventure trips that has always fascinated people: whales. For centuries, myths and stories have been entwined around whale watching and encounters with the graceful giants from the sea. Stories about the mammals that live under water have always captivated young and old. Today, observing them is becoming increasingly popular among nature lovers.
On a trip with Colibri Travel you will discover the majestic animals while whale watching and some even climb into the water with you. On many expeditions to the realm of the whales: dolphins, which for many are probably the smartest animals on earth. Who doesn’t dream of swimming with the clever bottlenose dolphins? Colibri Travel takes you to the natural habitat of marine mammals, far away from tourist beaches and underwater parks. Join us on a journey of discovery and experience the beauty of the water world!
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Whale Watching: The gentle giants up close

Do you dream of meeting whales and dolphins in their natural environment? Whether it’s a research trip to Canada’s Hudson Bay, an adventure holiday in the Azores or an observation tour to Norway: our trips with a focus on whale watching let you immerse yourself in the world of the sea giants. Unlike in the zoo, you will experience these majestic creatures in their natural environment. You will learn how these gentle giants live under water, go on an expedition with experienced experts and experience whales and dolphins up close and in action. Observe the curious and intelligent creatures that frequently seek out human contact, and encounter pods of whales and dolphins that swim to the surface for oxygen. Whale watching is a very special experience: On a tour you not only experience the enchanting expanse of the sea and the most beautiful beaches and coasts in the world, but also get to know the animal world of the oceans. Dive down for yourself and swim with dolphins or humpback whales – spotting them up close and getting up close and personal with the majestic creatures. These are experiences that you will tell your grandchildren about – once in a lifetime. And sometimes you don’t even have to cross the Atlantic: Norway, for example, is an ideal destination if you want to get closer to whales – especially sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins.

Watch whales and dolphins - but do it right

Watching marine mammals is a dream for many nature lovers. It is therefore all the more important that the animals are largely spared during whale watching and that the visit to the whales takes place respectfully and according to clear rules. The most important measures for responsible whale watching include: Boat trips are accompanied by an experienced marine biologist/nature guide who provides additional information throughout the tour. Observation boats approach the whales and dolphins at slow speed and with a prescribed minimum distance of about 100 meters. The exception: the marine mammals decide to come closer. The combination of whale watching and marine research is ideal. Feeding, loud noises and crossing groups of whales are prohibited.

If you are planning to watch whales and dolphins, you should familiarize yourself with the whale areas in advance. Because there are more and more places in the world that have introduced rules and recommendations to protect sea creatures. Colibri Travel offers selected whale watching trips – often off the beaten track – with a lot of respect for animals and nature. Because we are always only guests in the habitat of whales and dolphins.
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