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Discover the history, culture and nature of Bohol as you explore the scenic countryside. Cruise the picturesque waters of Pamilacan Island in search of local dolphins and other marine life. Spend four unforgettable days relaxing by the secluded beaches of Boracay.
£ 2,245
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Journey along the meandering canals and meet the local people as you discover the beauty of the Mekong Delta on a three night river cruise before a speedboat journey to bustling Phnom Penh. Take a Tuk Tuk to Angkor Wat and explore the grounds by torchlight, something few travellers get to explore. Travel like a local as you glide through Saigon‘s fascinating streets on a traditional tuk tuk.
£ 2,160
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Visit the colourful markets of Cochin, and explore the surrounding areas which are home to magnificent churches and Hindu art. Discover the ancient remains of the capital city of Polonnaruwa. Wander through the ruins of temples and palaces and admire Buddhist art and sculptures. Take in the breathtakingly beautiful views of Sigiriya rock.
£ 1,782
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Escape the crowds and travel by tuk-tuk to Angkor Wat for sunrise over Angkor Wat‘s famous spires. Enjoy a hands-on traditional Lao-style cooking demonstration at the Bamboo Experience cooking school. Learn about the typical ingredients used in Lao cooking and prepare a feast for dinner. Receive a blessing when you take part in a local ‘Baci’ blessing ceremony. Cruise overnight through the 3,000 islands rising from the sea in Ha Long Bay.
£ 2,366
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Visit Taj Mahal – A Symbol of Love. The love of a man for his wife is preserved in the gleaming white marble of the Taj Mahal. Take a Game ride in one of the finest jungles (forest) of India in search of Royal Bengal Tigers in Ranthambore National Park. Experience the local traditions while having a dinner with a local family in Jaipur. Experience the authentic Desert of Rajasthan with a camel ride in Manvar. You will be spellbound with the beauty of Lake Pichola in Udaipur while enjoying a beautiful boat ride.
£ 2,157
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Get your hands dirty as you take part in a traditional pottery class. Gain a deeper understanding into the history of Bhutan as you visit Folk Heritage Museum. Understand local living as you visit a Bhutanese family and enjoy a traditional home prepared meal.
£ 2,527
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India Movie Tour

Explore some of India's most famous Bollywood Movie locations and experience filming in action on a live film set. Watch a Bollywood Movie in a local Cinema in Jaipur known as 'The Pink City'. Visit Dharavi and see why it is the heart of small scale industry in Mumbai - Known to many as 'one of the largest slums in Asia', we prefer to think of Dharavi as Mumbai’s beating heart.
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Indian Delights

Get a real insight for some of India‘s most well-known dishes. See the unique and stunning symmetry of the Taj Mahal at sunset before enjoying some of India‘s most iconic cuisine. Gain a deeper understanding for local living as you learn from expert home cooks.
£ 2,171
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Travel to both the North and South Island of New Zealand and admire the fascinating landscapes. Get to know the ancient culture of the Maoris. Visit along the route the capital Wellington, the Waitomo Caves, the Southern Alps and Milford Sound.
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Journey to Phi Phi Island, full of history as well as impressive blue waters. Immerse yourself in nature as you begin a jungle walk leading you to a traditional bamboo raft ride. Explore the underwater world of Koh Kradan without the need to snorkel as the ocean falls below parts of the coral reef.
£ 1,125
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Three Gorges Discovery

Wander through the narrow laneways of Beijing’s ancient ‘hutongs’ where its people have lived and traditions have evolved for centuries. Visit the Giant Panda Research & Breeding Base to learn about these endangered animals, and the conservation and breeding initiatives that have been implemented to protect them. Marvel at the beautiful scenery along the Yangtze River whilst you relax and unwind. Travel by high-speed train to marvel at the splendour of the World Heritage Listed Classical Chinese Gardens of Suzhou.
£ 2,313
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Indulge in Hanoi's food scene on the back of a Vespa. Cruise Halong Bay, one of the most magnificent scenic spots in all Vietnam. Discover an eco-village and indulge yourself in a traditional cooking class, Visit a Vietnamese vineyard and coffee & tea plantation and sample some of their local produce. Immerse yourself in the chaotic Saigon city scene and discover the hidden streets and alleyways that are not known to many tourists. Learn the secrets of the Mekong Delta and stay with a local host family.
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