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In the middle of nature! Exciting wildlife viewing and untouched wilderness. Imagine traveling to the most beautiful natural sites on earth and looking at something special off the beaten track. Then follow in the footsteps of our wilderness tours, accompanied by qualified and experienced guides.
Wilderness travel: Adventure holidays in untouched nature Exploring the world, experiencing wild, pristine nature up close – that is the declared goal of a wilderness trip to the most beautiful natural scenery on earth. Beyond the well-trodden paths of mass tourism, real adventures can still be experienced in countries such as Namibia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania or Romania. Let yourself be carried away by impressive landscapes that cannot be admired a second time and return with incomparable experiences in your luggage. On your journey into the wilderness, you will become a tracker: on the trail of the wildlife native to the travel destination, you will follow large and small representatives that can often only be admired here in the wild.
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Wilderness Tours in Africa: Elephant, Giraffe & Lion Safari Drives

For example, game drive safaris in Tanzania and Namibia bring you incredibly close to endangered animal species in their natural habitat. Gentle tourism enables you to get to know an authentic side of the travel destination in small groups of two or more and also supports the conservation of the animals. The flora and fauna of a country can hardly be discovered more intensively – wilderness trips from Colibri Travel give you a look behind the facade. Experienced guides will take you to the absolute highlights of the travel destination – the small groups guarantee an almost intimate impression of the wild and original animal and plant world. Endless grass savannas, countless wild rivers and untouched wetlands – the overwhelming expanse of Africa offers unique impressions that remain unforgettable at different times of the year.

Holidays in the wilderness of Asia: in harmony with nature

A journey into the wilderness of Asia is a journey characterized by exotic nature and mystical culture. Modern adventurers experience the unique combination of deep spirituality and colorful flora that leaves a lasting impression. With two national parks and a rainforest, Sri Lanka offers the perfect conditions for adventure in the wilderness: Primeval trees thickly packed, rain pounding on the leaf canopy and unusual animals in large and small variants. Nature explorers get their money’s worth here, because the hikes through one of the last lowland rainforests in Sri Lanka will be remembered for a long time. Those who let their guide lead them through the thicket will be richly rewarded: with the untouched, evergreen nature of Sri Lanka.

Adventure travel in Europe: Good things can be so close

You don’t have to venture far to go on an adventure trip – wilderness can also be experienced in Europe. The Danube Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with good reason – ornithologists and nature lovers are in good hands here. Lagoons, lakes and canals await you in the largest wetland in Europe, where you can admire the diverse fauna of Romania with small boats. Reed islands and inland lakes offer the numerous migratory birds a welcome resting place on their way south – adventure travelers can catch unique scenes and observe pelicans, herons and spoonbills. With a bit of luck, you can also catch a glimpse of woodpeckers, buzzards and white-tailed eagles. Led by a German-speaking biologist, ornithological tours offer well-founded knowledge transfer and the best places to observe the species-rich fauna.
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