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Best of Tsavo East

Explore the wonders of Tsavo East Nationalpark, famouse for its lagre herd of elephants. Enjoy several Game Drives that give you plenty of opportunities to watch animals.
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Great Rift Valley

Enjoy the beautiful Rift Valley Escarpment and landscapes during a boat ride. Have a walking safari and game drives at Lake Nakuru National Park. Use Nairobi as your gateway to explore more of Kenya.
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Grasp the true essence of the city, in a rich, immersive and memorable way. Enjoy everything Lisbon has to offer and unravel other secrets the city keeps at your own will and rhythm.
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Discover Tangier – Morocco’s famous port town at the Strait of Gibraltar. Lose track of date and time in Tangier’s whitewashed hillside Medina and winding lanes.
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Discover the beauty of Marrakech and 1000 years of rich cultural heritage. Take some calligraphy skills back with you as a souvenir!
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The best travel adventure for those in search of Slovenia’s main natural & cultural sights. You can cover the suggested itinerary in a weekend or choose any three days of your choice. Discover the mystic underground of the Postojna Cave, most prominent karst cave in the world, with the Predjama Castle. Top Ljubljana Foods tour will take you through the old Ljubljana town. Slowly paced walk you will learn about the city and its most significant attractions while tasting local and national gastronomy. The perfect Getaway not only for the Weekend but also for a nice mid-week journey.
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Travel on the path of "Out of Africa". Meet the Big 5 at Masai Mara with its large animal population year around. Stay and enjoy the comfort of your boutique tented camp.
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The end of the world is closer than ever! Enjoy your trip to an magnificent island, full of highlights and natural beauty. See essential sites no one should miss, while staying in one of the most comfortable 4-star hotels of the area. Join a small group tour to the Tierra del Fuego National Park and have fun on a Beagle Channel Navigation Boat Ride.
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Discover Santiago de Chile; the colorful World Heritage town of Valparaiso. Enjoy one of the famous Chilean wines in the Casablanca Valley. And after a full day of activities, relax and chill out at your hotel.
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Spend a weekend in the Croatian Capital! Zagreb – town is particularly known for its unbeatable charm around Christmas time, but amazing in all periods of the year. Zagreb is a must-visit European capital with more museums per square foot than any other city in Europe. Join a small-group day tour to Plitvice Lakes National Park, the breathtaking scenery of 16 terraced lakes and spectacular waterfalls.
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