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Bali Impressions

Enjoy a traditional Barong dance, symbolic of the eternal struggle between good and evil. Explore the less-developed landscape of western Bali and gain an insight into local life. Experience the vast volcanic caldera known as Kintamani, and its majestic crater lake, Lake Batur.
£ 630
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Bali Sunsets

Start your day on a cliff edge where you will have a breath taking view of Indonesia‘s surrounds. Immerse yourself in the incredible natural delights of Bali as you observe dolphins in their natural habitat. Be warmly welcomed into a tradtional Balinese home where you will enjoy a hearty home cooked meal.
£ 723
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Rise early to be rewarded with the spectacular views of thr largest Buddist temple at sunrise. On Indonesia‘s famous train travel to Yogyakarta pass picturesque views. Feel the breeze run through your hair as you enjoy a rickshaw ride to the Royal palace.
£ 1,309
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Java Highlights

Spot local wildlife amongst the lush scenery at Bogor Gardens. Admire the monumental Borobudur Buddhist temple, which dates back to the eighth century. Watch in awe as the first light brings the mesmerising Mt. Bromo to life.
£ 1,791
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Wander the remarkable walkways of the Monkey Forest in Ubud to see the wildlife and hidden temples decorating the dense vegetation.Learn the staple ingredients of Balinese dishes with a private cooking instruction in a village. Dive into the remarkable underwater world of a natural coral reef to explore the remarkable subaquatic life of the Gili Island.
£ 1,255
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Explore the turquoise waters of Kumai on a luxury converted Houseboat. Visit local villages and markets in Kumai and Lopus Dayak Village. Enjoy the traditional rituals of a Bagondang ceremony.
£ 1,078
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Discover a dizzying blend of mountains carved with rice paddies, outlandish funeral ceremonies, and some of the most fantastical traditional architecture in Asia. Visit lake Tempe floating village, shallow, freshwater wetland teeming with a wonderful array of water birds, fish, pretty reed beds and flowering lilies. Explore Toraja hidden villages and gain a better understanding of their culture.
£ 1,012
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Sumatra Overland

Learn about the royal history of Samosir Island including tombs, and an ancient stone table. Visit local villages for craftsmanship of silver products and textile weaving. Discover natural landscapes, hot springs, markets and museums.See monkeys harvest coconuts, pepper, vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon.
£ 812
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