Heritage Route of Saudi Arabia


11 days


2 travellers

Group size

16 travellers



Experience the rich heritage and breath-taking landscapes of Saudi Arabia on our Heritage Route Group Tour. From the vibrant capital city of Riyadh to the historic coastal city of Jeddah, this journey will take you through ancient mud towns, archaeological sites, and picturesque oases. Discover the captivating history, cultural treasures, and natural wonders of Saudi Arabia.


Welcome to Saudi Arabia! Your guide will welcome you upon arrival at Riyadh airport. Transfer to your hotel. Remaining day is at leisure. Spend the next two nights in Riyadh.
Embark on a city tour of Riyadh, starting with a visit to the historic Ad Diriyah. Next, explore the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, where you can discover the rich history of the country. Enjoy a traditional lunch at Qaria Najdya, followed by a visit to the Al Masmak Fortress and Souq Al-Zal. End the day by witnessing a beautiful sunset from the Kingdom Centre, a 99-story (302.3 m high) skyscraper, offering a panoramic view over the modern city of Riaydh.

Meals included:
  • Breakfast

  • Insider Experiences:
  • City tour of Riyadh
  • Visit of the historic Ad Diriyah
  • Explore the National Museum of Saudi Arabia
  • Visit of the Al Masmak Fortress and Souq Al-Zal
  • Sunset views from the Kingdom Centre
  • Transfer to Buraidah, capital of Al-Qassim Region in northcentral Saudi Arabia and in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula (approximately 3.5h). Stop en route to see Ushaiger or Shaqra. Both small cities are a reflection of what old cities looked like. Ushaiger is hidden in the heart of the Najd, an oasis-dotted region 200km northwest of Riyadh. Ushaiger Heritage Village provides a glimpse of a slow-paced Saudi society of old. During our visit we will wander around the old town which has preserved its old mud town houses in which many families lived before they moved to Riaydh. The narrow route in between the houses, the doors, and the ruins makes the place photogenetic. We will visit one of the houses displaying the interior and a local museum where we can enjoy a tea break. Once we are done we will pass by a restaurant for lunch before heading towards Buraidha City. Overnight in Buraidah

    Meals included:
  • Breakfast

  • Insider Experiences:
  • Unique – Expolre Ushaiger Heritage Village
  • Visit one of the traditional houses
  • Visit a local museum
  • The tour takes you to Hail, starting with a stop at the largest camel market in the morning. Here, you can witness the authentic experience of camel auctions and observe how locals value and negotiate the pricing of these prized animals. Camels hold significant importance in Saudi culture and trade. Afterward, a 3-hour drive will bring you to Hail, where the trip commences with a visit to Jubbah, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jubbah is famous for its ancient carvings, including a dominant figure representing an ancient king administering justice and a chariot pulled by two horses. These carvings offer a fascinating glimpse into the history of the Arabian Peninsula. Following the Jubbah tour, you’ll explore Airef fort, situated atop a small hill and steeped in Hail’s history. The day concludes with a delightful dinner at one of the traditional restaurants before heading to the hotel.

    Meals included:
  • Breakfast

  • Insider Experiences:
  • Unique – Stop at the largest camel market
  • Visit to Jubbah, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Explore Airef fort
  • Our journey today involves a drive of approximately 4-5 hours from Hail to Al Ula. Upon arrival, we will visit our camp base and get settled. Today in Al Ula, you have the freedom to explore and immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes. You can choose to embark on a hiking adventure along one of the numerous trails, visit the old town, or enjoy panoramic views from various viewpoints. It’s a day dedicated to experiencing the beauty and wonders of Al Ula at your own pace.

    Meals included:

    • Breakfast

    Insider Experiences:

    • Explore Al Ula
    This day will be filled with exploration and relaxation. The first tour is the Hegra tour, where we will marvel at the impressive monumental tombs of Madain Saleh, with their majestic facades and remarkable sizes. We will also visit the Hejaz Railway, discovering the historical significance of the railway station and the tricliniums that were once used for banquets and rituals. The second tour takes us to Dedan, an ancient oasis city with extensive remains and a rich history predating Madain Saleh. After our guided tours, we will make a stop at the Elephant Rock, a fascinating geological marvel, to unwind and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

    Meals included:
  • Breakfast

  • Insider Experiences:
  • Visit of Hegra
  • Visit of the Hejaz Railway
  • Visit of Dedan, an ancient oasis city
  • Stop at the Elephant Rock
  • On this day trip to Wadi Dissa, we will embark on a scenic adventure. After a 2.5 to 3-hour drive from our camp site, we will embark on a walking tour of the stunning Wadi Dissah, a 15-kilometer long canyon nestled in the Jebel Qaraqir sandstone massif near Tabuk. This hidden gem was once a secret among explorers, and its grandeur can now be appreciated thanks to the accessible road and satellite images. The canyon’s towering cliffs, reaching up to 500 meters in some areas, create a breath-taking backdrop. What sets Wadi Qaraqir apart is the presence of a water stream flowing through the western part of the canyon, sustaining lush vegetation and palm trees. We will conclude the trip with a final stop at a scenic viewpoint before returning to Tabuk and heading to our camp in Al Ula. Lunch will be provided, so you can enjoy the journey worry-free.

    Meals included:
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

  • Insider Experiences:
  • Walking tour of the stunning Wadi Dissah
  • Stop at a scenic viewpoint
  • After breakfast, we will embark on a 4-hour drive to Madinah. Upon arrival, our city tour will commence, offering a fascinating insight into the Islamic world. We will begin by visiting a museum that showcases the city’s history, important artefacts, and its significance in Islam. For lunch, you can enjoy delicious seafood and kebabs at Tabakha Souq, a renowned local market (not included). Following our meal, we will proceed to the iconic Prophet Mosque, also known as the Grand Mosque, the second holiest site in Islam. Our tour will conclude at Qiba Street, connecting the Grand Mosque and Qiba Mosque, both of which hold significant historical importance. The former was the residence and resting place of Prophet Mohammed, while the latter was the first-ever mosque constructed. This will provide a comprehensive overview of the city’s development over the past 1,400 years. If we’re fortunate, there may be an ongoing art exhibition showcasing the local culture and perspectives by Saudi youth artists, providing a unique artistic experience. We will spend the night in Madinah.

    Meals included:
  • Breakfast

  • Insider Experiences:
  • City tour of Madinah
  • Taste – Enjoy delicious seafood and kebabs at Tabakha Souq
  • Spiritual – Visit of the Grand Mosque and Qiba Mosque
  • Today, we will embark on a journey to Jeddah, either by train or car, depending on the schedule. This vibrant city, the second largest in Saudi Arabia, is a melting pot of diverse cultures and nationalities. Upon arrival, we will do a light tour, exploring prominent landmarks such as the tallest fountain, the floating mosque, Jeddah waterfront, and the world’s longest F1 circuit. We will savour a local lunch before delving into the heart of Jeddah’s history with a visit to Al Balad, the historical city. Al Balad, a UNESCO World Heritage site, was founded in the 7th century and served as Jeddah’s center. Preserving its unique architecture, including buildings adorned with intricate window designs and doors made of sea shells and stones, Al Balad offers a glimpse into its rich past. We will explore the narrow streets, learning about the significance of the old buildings, historical sites, and local markets where merchants once sold their goods. Along the way, we will visit ancient mosques and if you like, indulge in delectable local snacks, including Sobia, a bread-based drink, and Balilah, a bean and pickle snack. A stop at a local coffee shop to savour tea mixed with milk and herbs will provide a refreshing break. Our tour will also encompass the first hotel and school in Jeddah, as well as an art house and museum showcasing local artwork and antiques. The tour will conclude around 7 PM, followed by dinner and check-in at the hotel.

    Meals included:
  • Breakfast

  • Insider Experiences:
  • Explore prominent landmarks at Jeddah
  • Visit of Al Balad, a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Today, you will have a free day to explore at your own pace or choose from two optional tours. The first option is a snorkeling and half-day boat trip in Jeddah, known for its exceptional coral reefs. You’ll spend the day cruising on a boat, engaging in water activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, and sunbathing. A light lunch will be served onboard, followed by a sumptuous seafood lunch at a renowned restaurant. The second option is a day trip to Taif, the cool and green Summer Capital located in the western part of Saudi Arabia. You’ll drive through scenic routes and visit old palaces that were built by the elite in the 1920s. These palaces, though abandoned and in need of restoration, provide insight into the architectural style of that era. You’ll also explore the famous Shobra House, a city museum, and visit a local farm known for growing roses. In addition, a visit to the nearby mountain area of Al Hada will offer breathtaking views and a chance to sample unique fruits like “Barshomi.” The tour concludes with a visit to the old market and an opportunity to try treats from an old bakery before heading back to Jeddah.

    Meals included:
  • Breakfast

  • Insider Experiences:
  • Explore at your own pace or choose from two optional tours
  • After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your departure flight.

    Meals included:
  • Breakfast
  • Inclusions

    • Insider Experiences

      Spiritual - Visit of the Grand Mosque and Qiba Mosque
      Taste - Enjoy delicious seafood and kebabs at Tabakha Souq
      Unique - Overnight camp in the desert
      Unique - Stop at the largest camel market

    • Accommodation

      7 nights in 3-4 star hotels
      3 nights in a Camp or Farm (fully equipped)

    • Meals

      Daily breakfast
      2 local lunches

    • Transport

      Airport transfer on arrival and departure
      Air-conditioned vehicle

    • Touring

      English speaking tour guide
      All entrance fees

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