Welcome to the new Culinary selection from Insider Journeys! Come with us on a food tour through the street markets of Thailand, the spice plantations of India and the coffee plateaus of Laos where a world of culinary delights awaits!

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Insider Journeys invites you to peruse a selection of culinary tours where a world filled with the tantalising tastes of Asia awaits you. Our expert foodies have designed itineraries that feature a delightful blend of authentic culinary-based experiences that will give you a deeper understanding of their culture and traditions. Pair up with local chefs and visit lively markets to source ingredients for hands-on cooking classes, stroll down bustling city streets sampling famous street fare, and enjoy unforgettable home-cooked meals with local hosts.

Discover extraordinary gastronomic experiences on a culinary journey in our destinations. Prepare traditional dishes in a cooking class in Laos. Dine on authentic Cambodian cuisine with a dance and dinner experience. Discover a secret temple and feast on Thai curry. Visit the markets of Myanmar with a local chef. Enjoy wine tasting at a vintage winery in India and travel through fascinating spice plantations. Experience a famous morning fish market and taste the tea of Sri Lanka. Unlock the secrets of authentic Balinese cooking on a culinary adventure in Indonesia.


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