Natural Wonders of Argentina

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Let us show you the most beautiful places in Argentina and have the real Argentinian experience: discover the magic of Buenos Aires, relax on the beautiful lakes and mountains in Bariloche, discover the southernmost city in the world Ushuaia, admire the impressive Perito Moreno Glacier at El Calafate and much more. Optionally you can visit the Iguazu Falls

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Buenos Aires

Situated on Argentina’s stunning Rio de la Plata coast, Buenos Aires is a thriving portside capital defined by a rich history, vibrant culture, and strong European influence - thus nicknamed the Paris of South America. Countless museums covering a cornucopia of subjects; an active theatre culture; carnivorous buffets second to none; sensuous tango performances; a mosaic of architecture; and shops to fit all fancies – all these facets and more make up the seductive blend that is Buenos Aires. Some of the city’s highlights include the buzz of the La Bombonera Stadium; tango and milonga venues like the Bohemian La Catedral; and heritage architecture such as that at the Recoleta Cemetery.


Widely regarded world’s southernmost city, Ushuaia is a strikingly beautiful destination on the southern coastline of Tierra del Fuego Island, backed by mountains and facing onto Beagle channel. The city’s elegant commercial centre offers a variety of cultural and entertainment activities, while its natural location means that adventure enthusiasts are spoilt for choice, with kayaking, skiing, hiking and sailing all on offer. For a more serene excursion, boat cruises are a popular way to view the glacier off Ushuaia’s coast.

El Calafate

Situated deep in Patagonia’s snow-capped vistas, on the southern shore of Lake Argentino, El Calafate has become a key stopover for travellers headed to nearby Los Glaciares National Park. This icy wonderland is best known as the home of spectacular Perito Moreno glacier – a massive, shifting ice cap composed of dozens of smaller glaciers. Take a glacier tour, a helicopter ride, or a 4x4 excursion; hike and boat to your heart’s content; or visit one of the traditional ‘ranchos’ (estancias) to learn more about local culture. A wonderful selection of restaurants and boutiques adds appeal; make sure to try the ‘alfajores’ cookies.

San Carlos de Bariloche

The Argentinian Lake District’s most popular destination, San Carlos de Bariloche, commonly called Bariloche, is a city for all seasons. It features a setting second to none – stretching along a glacial lake shoreline, surrounded by a national park in Argentina’s pristine Patagonia region. The region offers myriad activities and leisure opportunities: whether you want to go skiing, hiking, fly-fishing, or simply kick back and indulge in an epicurean feast, it’s all there for the taking. The city's numerous cafés and chocolate shops are a delight to explore by day; while after sunset, the city lights up with bars and nightclubs, where locals and visitors can dance the night away. Don't miss the opportunity to view the unique Swiss alpine-style architecture and discover the spectacular surrounding Andes Mountains.

Puerto Iguazu

Resting at the confluence of the Parana and Iguazu rivers, Puerto Iguazu is a charming tourist city that serves as the gateway to Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian side of the border. It is surrounded by red rocky landscape interspersed with verdant forest inhabited by abundant wildlife. The city is a popular tourist destination and draws visitors from around the globe to visit the Iguazu National Park and its breathtaking waterfalls. Visitors can also explore the spectacularly scenic surroundings through a variety of activities including: jumping on one of the many tours on offer, enjoying an array of outdoor activities, visiting the Guira Oga - 'The House of Birds', and soaking up the views from the Hito de las Tres Fronteras, a magnificent natural park.

“It takes two to tango: Buenos Aires and you” Upon arrival in Buenos Aires you will be greeted at Ezeiza International Airport by an experienced guide who is just waiting to introduce you to one of the world’s most exciting cities. A private vehicle will transfer you to your selected hotel form your check-in. The afternoon will be free to rest and recover from your flight in style. Buenos Aires’ nightlife provides the local porteños and its ever-growing swarm of visitors with a seemingly endless array of quality entertainment options. This evening you’ll enjoy an unforgettable tango show performed by the best dancers and singers of this seductive genre, while tucking into a dinner no less seductive. This is the way one ought to live Buenos Aires, the city of tango. After the show has dazzled you sufficiently, you will be transferred back to your comfy hotel.
“A touch of Paris in the Southern Hemisphere” Rising suddenly and dramatically out of the interminable flatness of the Pampas, Buenos Aires is a teeming, throbbing cosmopolitan city with a unique mix of European, North American and South American elements. It is one of the world’s great ports, the home of every third Argentine, and an increasingly popular travel destination. The soul of the city bears an irresistible allure to Argentines and visitors alike, its parks, cafés, streets, theatres, museums, markets, restaurants- and its homes- the elegant, the chic, the eccentric, the everyday. After breakfast, you’ll visit the most important sites of this triumph of a city. The magnificence of the Northern Quarters, Palermo and the beauty of its parks and buildings, Recoleta with its French-style architecture, bars and cafes; the imposing Colon Theater, one of the five most important opera houses in the world; Plaza de Mayo surrounded by Government House (The Pink House), The Old Cabildo (Town Hall) and the Metropolitan Cathedral; San Telmo, residence of the aristocracy until the turn of the XIX century. The colors of La Boca, picturesque quarter of Italian immigrants; and the fashion area of Puerto Madero with its many chic bars & restaurants round off this heady excursion.
“Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city” You’ll be making an early departure from your hotel to the airport to board your flight down to Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city. Upon arrival, you will be greeted at the airport by a friendly and experienced guide, who’ll transfer you to your chosen hotel, and then help you and the city become friends. Your afternoon will be spent at your leisure to walk around as you will. A couple of good hints would be to make your way to the End of the World Museum, and/or the Old Penitentiary Museum. Make sure to enjoy the typical dish at these latitudes: the ridiculously delicious king crab.
“Tierra del Fuego’s endless wonders” This morning you’ll visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the only one in the country with a maritime coast. Within its 63,000 hectares, you will find fire-bushes, beech trees, ñires, box-leafed barberries and endless profusions of flowers such as orchids, violets and other species. Bordering the mountains, you’ll follow a road where you’ll come across both peat bogs and beaver dams. After crossing the Lapataia River, a magnificent view of Laguna Verde (Green Lagoon) and the upland geese and ibis that come here every summer will present themselves to your astonished eyes. A walk along the path up to Laguna Negra (Black Lagoon) or the Beavers’ Path will be suggested at that point – your camera will be amply rewarded if you take either of these up. At Lapataia Bay, you’ll witness the testimony of the original inhabitants of the Island (the Yamanas) at a fascinating archaeological site: the “concheros”. On the way back to Ushuaia, you will make a brief stop at Lake Roca, whose colour varies according to the weather. You may be a little fatigued from all this wonder, so you’ll have the afternoon free to do as you please. If your sense of wonder is still not completely sated, an amazing Optional Tour to sail along the Beagle Channel and visit Seal and Bird Islands, the penguin rockery and Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse will certainly fit the bill a fair sight more than nicely.
“Living the Patagonian Dream” This morning you’ll fly off from Ushuaia airport to El Calafate, gateway to The Glaciers National Park. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by your experienced guide who knows all about this cozy little Patagonian village huddled on the shore of Lake Argentino. Said guide will make your transfer your hotel a Patagonian breeze. In the afternoon, you’ll be picked up at your hotel to live the authentic Patagonian life at the “Estancia 25 de Mayo” Natural Reserve. Here, you’ll visit the old Stone House of the first family who settled down in this rugged land, and get an insight into the history of Patagonian ranches. Your tour continues through the steppe towards “La Seccion,” an authentic ranch house situated within the immensity of this land. It is here that you’ll come face-to-face with the local animals, a moment you hope your trusty camera is all charged and ready to go for! The third stop will enable you to approach the “guanacos” herds, no mean feat, mind you. Four kilometers down the road will then see you at a deposit of fossilized oysters, dating back a lazy 23 million years. It may be hard to get your head around the fact that this immense desert was once a mighty ocean, but the paleontology and geology tidbits you’re given here will help you out with that. Last stop today will be at the Centinela Lookout Point, some 1500 metres above sea level, for a breathtaking panoramic view of the endless basalt walls of hills that form Argentina and Chile’s border. You’ll then return to La Seccion, to enjoy a typical – and typically amazing – meal served on the ranch. Then, sated in a number of ways, you’ll return to your comfy hotel bed.
“The breathtaking Perito Moreno Glacier” Argentina isn’t short on natural beauty, but today, you’ll get to see one of the most irrefutably beauteous: the Perito Moreno Glacier. You’ll have very little inclination to argue with UNESCO’s decision to dub this a World Natural Heritage Site way back in 1981. Arriving at the Glaciers’ balconies, you’ll get to spend 4 or so hours walking along the various pathways to drink in its glory from different angles. Gorgeously framed by dramatic mountains, lakes and forests, the Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the most spectacular scenes going around. It owes its fame to its continuous movement, which produces a cyclical phenomenon of advance and backward motion, causing awe-inspiring periods of ice-toppling. You won’t believe your eyes, so make sure you take plenty of photos!
Just like something very unstoppable, this action-packed trip just doesn’t stop. Today, your flight will take you to San Carlos de Bariloche, where you’ll be greeted by yet another experienced guide for this charmingly Alpine-style city resting on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi. You’ll then be helped to check in to your hotel of choice. Bariloche’s deep blue lakes, towering mountains, glaciers and virgin forests make it an incomparable vacation destination. The scenery alone will leave you breathless. You’ll have the afternoon and evening all to yourself to stroll by the lake, explore the city and get tempted by its many chocolate factories!
“Northern Patagonia’s inspirational Scenery” Northern Patagonia is the region which hosts the Lake District and world-famous national parks. Today, you’ll visit the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Why, you ask? Well, once you get a glimpse of its uniquely stunning landscape of lakes and snow-capped mountains, you’ll forget any doubts you may have been holding. What’s more, you’ll come across an amazing native forest ofbeautiful copper-colored autumn leaves standing by crystal-clear waters of the lake. This tour starts at Bustillo Avenue, bordering Lake Nahuel Huapi, to visit Playa Bonita, Mount Campanario (chair lift is optional), San Pedro Peninsula, Llao Llao Peninsula and Saint Edward’s Chapel, and Port Pañuelo. The journey continues across the Angostura Bridge over the stream linking the Moreno & Nahuel Huapi Lakes, Bahia Lopez and El Trebol Lagoon. You will then find yourself at Panoramic Point, a natural balcony over Moreno Lake and Llao Llao Peninsula. The secret’s in the name really: this location offers rather magnificent views of the lakes and surrounding mountain ranges.
Your “Big Waters” Encounter You should be getting used to this by now: another day, another flight to another outrageously spectacular location. This time, it’s Puerto Iguazu’s turn to bedazzle. Your local guide will meet you, and share their insights into the stunning national parks of this area where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. After you’ve checked into your hotel, you’ll have all the evening to relax by the swimming pool and start to get captivated by the sounds of this subtropical rainforest.
“Iguassu Falls, Natural Wonder of the World” Today’s source of awe will be your visit to the Argentinean side of the spectacular Iguassu Falls. First stop will be the Visitors Center, an impressive structure with giant panels demonstrating the importance of the biodiversity of this subtropical rainforest. To get to the boardwalks overlooking the falls, you’ll board a gas-propelled train that will take you to the Upper Falls Circuit and the Devil’s Throat. The walking tour here will astound you over its two hours. To visit the Devil’s Throat, you’ll jump on the train at the Cataratas Station. Upon arrival, you’ll take a boardwalk to the balconies for an amazing panoramic view of this magnificent work of nature. Just close your eyes and feel the Mother Nature’s awesome power!
Back to the big city! Get up early in the morning, so that you take the opportunity to gawk at the Falls with a walk on the Brazilian Side, crossing the border and taking your fill of the falls from a number of different viewpoints. At the end of the boardwalk, you´ll be treated to a fantastic close-up encounter with the Devil’s Throat and the main falls. After all this excitement, the afternoon will see you transferring to the Puerto Iguazu (IGR) airport to head on back to Buenos Aires and your comfy city hotel. Have the night out on the town, taking in the many shops, art galleries, bars, restaurants and discotheques with which Buenos Aires is packed.
Come back soon! After your last sumptuous breakfast, make sure you save some time to buy your last-minute souvenirs and/or photos. At the scheduled time, you’ll be picked up from your hotel to be transferred to Ezeiza International Airport to board your flight back home. It’s certain you’ll carry the warmth of Argentina’s people in your soul, not to mention the natural beauties of this wonderful country in your camera! It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if you’re back over this way some time soon. Argentina’s waiting…

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