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Bali Impressions

Enjoy a traditional Barong dance, symbolic of the eternal struggle between good and evil. Explore the less-developed landscape of western Bali and gain an insight into local life. Experience the vast volcanic caldera known as Kintamani, and its majestic crater lake, Lake Batur.
£ 630
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Bali Sunsets

Start your day on a cliff edge where you will have a breath taking view of Indonesia‘s surrounds. Immerse yourself in the incredible natural delights of Bali as you observe dolphins in their natural habitat. Be warmly welcomed into a tradtional Balinese home where you will enjoy a hearty home cooked meal.
£ 723
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Discover the fabulous Pyramids at Giza, the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. From the sprawling city of Cairo to the white sand beaches of Hurghada- enjoy a unique mix of culture and relaxation.
£ 609
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Cambodia Experience

Take in the views of Phnom Penh whist enjoying some welcome drinks upon your hotels rooftop bar. Travel through the Cambodian countryside to the lesser known temple of Beng Mealea which has been overgrown by the encroaching jungle. Get to know a local family whilst enjoying a home cooked meal and learn about the English speaking classes they run for the local children.
£ 792
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Havana and Varadero

Our Insider Experience

Stay a few days in Old Havana, the colonial pearl and World Heritage Site. Havana is a city that never sleeps with a unique atmosphere that is about to change when the US market opens up. Add a few days with a Caribbean beach stay in Varadero at a luxury resort in all-inclusive plan: no worries, enjoy the sun, drinks and meals included, no extra resort fees.
£ 668
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Iconic China

Delve into China’s imperial past at the Forbidden City. Soak up the sights, sounds and aromas of the Muslim Quarter in Xian. Sample the local cuisine and browse the wares at the numerous stalls. Gaze over the one of the most impressive archaeological finds in the world – the Army of Terracotta Warriors.
£ 1,407
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Kenya Safari

Explore spectacular landscapes. Experience a Tree Hotel and spot The Big Five. Take a scenic boat ride and view the epic Thomson Falls.
£ 2,034
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Experience popular Activities in Hells Gate include a Bike Trek. Explore Ornithology, meet Rhinos and Giraffes. Enjoy The Equator, Hot Springs & Geysers.
£ 2,083
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Enjoy a safari trough the main points of S. Miguel.Create unforgettable memories with a Whale Watching Tour and discover the so famous Furnas where the ”Cozido” is baked.
£ 1,624
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Feel the history of Inujima, listen to the storyteller who was raised on this island. Enjoy the cruising of the Setouchi inner sea and explore more arts of these small islands. Explore the nature of Setouchi and feel the energy of Art.
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View the incredibly spectacular Haedong Yonggung Temple as it overlooks the ocean. Visit the six hundred year old UNESCO World Heritage Hahoe Village. Spend a morning learning and experiencing the temple life of monks.
£ 1,783
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Discover a dizzying blend of mountains carved with rice paddies, outlandish funeral ceremonies, and some of the most fantastical traditional architecture in Asia. Visit lake Tempe floating village, shallow, freshwater wetland teeming with a wonderful array of water birds, fish, pretty reed beds and flowering lilies. Explore Toraja hidden villages and gain a better understanding of their culture.
£ 1,012
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Terrific Thailand

Weave through the Bangkok on a traditional boat. Learn how to cook like a local at an exclusive cooking school. Immerse yourself in local living as you enjoy a night on a floating house.
£ 1,791
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