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Destination Overview


Sweden is a country rich in opportunities; from the Arctic beauty of the North with its midnight sun, to the castles of the southernmost province Skåne with its more continental flavour. Visitors to Northern Sweden can experience the frozen thrills of the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, dog sledging, ice fishing, snowmobiling and more. Further South, visitors can enjoy the 1,680 miles of coastline with tens of thousands of islands to explore.




GMT +1


Swedish krona






10 Million

International Airports

Stockholm, Göteborg


Winter and summer temperature differences in Sweden are extreme, but generally the country enjoys a temperate climate, thanks to the Gulf Stream. Above the Arctic Circle, winter is severe with temperatures going below -30°C, while summer temperatures here, and in the rest of the country, regularly hit +20°C.

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Top Highlights


With over 100,000 lakes in Sweden, you're never too far from a beautiful lakeside. And thanks to Sweden’s right of public access, these serenity-inducing waters are free for all to enjoy. Embark on any number of activities – from refreshing wild swimming and peaceful kayak excursions to Nordic tour skating and tranquil fishing experiences.

The Edible Country

In Sweden, naturally healthy food can be found just around the corner – in the forests, lakes, and meadows. That’s why the world’s largest gourmet restaurant has been created: the Edible Country. In collaboration with four Michelin-starred chefs, inspirational menus have been created, featuring local produce to help you experience the Swedish pantry.


Vikings have captured the imaginations of all ages for centuries – and perhaps more so now than ever via films and TV series such as The Northman and Vikings: Valhalla. Often portrayed as bloodthirsty warriors, there's a lot more to these seafaring Scandinavians who were also dedicated farmers, master shipbuilders and skilled craftspeople.

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Top Places to Visit


Stockholm is known as one of the most inclusive and welcoming cities in the world. Its contemporary, urban appeal is balanced with centuries-old history and closeness to nature. As for the things to do in Stockholm, the list is endless.


Uppsala bridges the gap between academia and modern innovation. This vibrant university town has many strings to its historically significant bow.


Sundsvall is one of Sweden’s most fascinating cities, offering not only a cool urban setting but also unique natural landscapes.


Gotland is a paradise island with characterful wilderness and a coastline punctuated with sandy beaches and sculptural sea stacks. Historically significant, its main town Visby is a Viking-era wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Swedish Lapland

A visit to Swedish Lapland will open up a unique world, combining vast expanses of nature, authentic Sami culture and culinary specialities.


Stretching along the west coast of Sweden from Gothenburg to the Norwegian border, Bohuslän is a seaside paradise celebrated for its seafood delicacies, cultural heritage and numerous outdoor activities – boating and sailing included.

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