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Satisfy your thirst for adventure at exciting destinations In everyday life, your daily routine often follows well-trodden paths: obligations have to be fulfilled and tasks have to be completed. There is little room here for the exciting, the new or the unknown. If you have an adventurous spirit, you need to express it in other ways. With adventure travel from Colibri Travel you can satisfy your thirst for adventure when traveling to distant countries – whether as an individual traveler or in a group of like-minded people.
Within a short time, fascinating animal worlds can be discovered in the most exciting destinations on earth, unique plants can be admired and eventful excursions and tours into untouched nature can be undertaken. Would you like to feel like a 19th-century explorer on holiday? Don’t miss out on adventure trips to Patagonia, Botswana or the Galápagos Islands! “Closer to nature” – i.e. very close to nature – is always the motto of choice on Colibri Travel’s adventure trips. Experienced guides with insider knowledge of the respective destination country will impart their knowledge of the flora and fauna of the natural paradises of this earth to you in small groups, usually fewer than ten people or even as a private trip for two people.
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Special impressions with experience value

On trips to the adventurous corners of the world, you wander off the beaten tourist path – after all, you want to get the Big Five in front of your camera on a tour of Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe and not countless other tourists with the same photo motif. On our adventure trips you will get a glimpse of the hidden natural gems of your dream destination. You benefit from the experience and knowledge of the country of your travel guides, who reveal their insider tips exclusively for you. Here you will find magical places such as the animal paradise on the Galápagos Islands, where far from the influences of the Ecuadorian mainland, a unique fauna has been able to develop. Spend animal adventures with giant tortoises, dolphins and iguanas on Darwin’s footsteps and capture true moments of longing in pictures to take home. Get out of the urban jungle and into the volcanic landscape and untouched nature of the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka. Join foxes and otters as they patiently hunt for salmon, or observe the mighty brown bears in their natural environment. On our adventure trips there is the right adventure for everyone!

Diverse experiences all over the world

Adventures can take many different forms. The smile of a person who comes from a completely different culture, the penetrating call of an animal that you only know from film documentaries or the dazzling exotic plant that looks completely different in person than in the city’s tropical house. Adventure travel satisfies the need for the new, the unexpected that you so seldom encounter in everyday life. Other continents and countries offer completely new experiences that we convey on our adventure trips in an authentic and sustainable way. Beyond mass tourism, you will get to know the typical treasures of the country – well guided by our experienced guides. We remain true to our motto “Closer to nature” on our adventure trips to the most exciting destinations in the world – both when planning the adventure trips and when carrying them out. When it comes to our adventure trips to endangered animal species, we always ensure that we operate sustainable tourism that does not negatively affect the animals in their natural habitat. Focus on climate protection and animal welfare on your next adventure trip – both are possible with Colibri Travel. It’s up to you: how much adventure do you want? Whether Kamchatka, Botswana or Patagonia – we would be happy to advise you in detail on your dream destination.
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